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Article on 'Confezione', n. 7, October 2001,


Article on 'Tecnica della Confezione', n. 226, 2001,


Article on 'Network News', n. 9, September, 2001,



Presentation of the concept at the ITPMI fair
Carrara, 23-25 November 2001 


ITPMI, the Fair of IT solution for the SMEs (Carrara - Italy) .

In its stand ENEA presented the Ishtar concept together with the results of other Technology Transfer Projects for the Textile Clothing sector.

Web site of the Fair:

Article on the magazine 'l'imprenditore', august 2001 

Article on 'l'imprenditore', n. 7-8, July-August 2001, the magazine of the small industries of the italian industry trading organisation Confindustria September 2001



Presentation of the concept in AICA annual congress, session dedicated to Information and Communication Technology for the Textile Clothing sector, of September 21st 2001 

AICA, the Italian Association for the Automated processing, in the framework of its 39th congress organised a special session dedicated to the advancements in application of Information and Communication Technology for the Textile Clothing sector, "Villa Erba" at Cernobbio (Como Lake – Italy) on the 21st September 2001



Article in
in "Commercio Elettronico ed XML, scenari, tecnologie ed applicazioni", a cura di Pieraugusto Pozzi, Marco Casagni, Piero De Sabbata, Fabio Vitali, FrancoAngeli Editore, Milano 2001; ISBN 88-464-2996-6

"Esperienze ed opportunità di Commercio Elettronico tra imprese nella filiera del Tessile-Abbigliamento",



Presentation of the concept at the CEBIT 2001 fair
Hannover, March 2001 

CEBIT, the most important European Fair on ICT (Hannover - Germany).

In its stand NEOSIS presented the Ishtar concept and established contacts and links.

Web site of the Fair:

Presentation of the concept and of the ScanFit in the SAMAB fair
Milano, 14-17 April 2001 

Samab logo

Scanfit box



SAMAB, the international Fair of the machinery and tools for the clothing industry (Milano – Italy) .

In its stand Cad Modelling presented, with the support of ENEA, the ScanFit body scanner working with the Ishtar system and the Ishtar concept.

Brochures were distributed and a certain number of contacts were registered.

Web site of the Fair:






Presentation of the concept in Fashion-up and Pro-fashion, March 8th 2001

Fashion-up and pro-fashion, modern distribution and private label fashion show, Modena, March 8-10 2001.

Enea participated the meeting section organizing a round table about 'Quick response in the textile clothing sector' and with a speech where a description of the project was presented as a case study for the made-to-measure garments.

The two initiatives were promoted by , a databank and marketplace about the italian subcontracting companies of the textile and apparel sector.

Presentation of the concept in the workshop ITIT, of March 23-24 2000 

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ASCONTEX, the Italian Textile’s Consortia Association, organised the first edition of ITIT (Information Technologies in Textile and Clothing) within the framework of the "Incontri di Villa Erba" at Cernobbio (Como Lake – Italy) on the 23rd and the 24th March 2000

With the support of the European Commission’s Information Society Promotion Office (ISPO) and the participation of EURATEX (The European Apparel and Textile Organisation)

Web site of the ITIT conference:

Reports of the conference:

Slides about Ishtar:

Web site of Ascontex:





Presentation of the concept in the workshop Medressa of April 3rd 2000 in


MEDRESSA - Esprit Project 26

The Medressa Database of Available Technology

Cairo, April 3rd 2000

Presentation of the scientific results about colour management and the concepts of the Image management in the international meeting Internet Imaging inside the conference Electronic Imaging 2000,  in San Josè, California, January 23-26 2000



P. De Sabbata , S. Zuffi,  A.I. Correia, G. Benatti, S. Fantin "Ishtar: an architecture for a high quality electronic catalogue on Internet", in Internet Imaging, Giordano B. Beretta and Raimondo Schettini Editors, Proceedings of SPIE vol 3964, 278-287 (2000).   ISBN 0-8194-3582-1


The architecture of a high quality catalogue for made-to-measure garments is the first result of the ISHTAR project (Innovative SHops for the Textile and AppaRel industry).

The system is based upon servers and standard Internet browsers. The main issues faced in this paper are the definition of an architecture to obtain the best trade off between performance and a high quality of the representation of apparel/textile goods and the introduction of a colour management system that can benefit also generic internet users. In electronic catalogues the quality of the images, their capacity to faithfully represent the real goods, is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

The ISHTAR architecture supports the use of ICC profiles for color management , to assure a faithful reproduction of the colors of fabrics. The ICC framework offers many generic profiles, together with factory made profiles for specific devices. But these may not be available, or accurate enough. Consequently the project provides for the case of a generic Internet user who lacks the skills for characterizing his own display.

A procedure for CRT device characterization allows even an unskilled user to define a display device profile, providing moreover the capability to take into account the effect of the user’s room lightning conditions on the appearance of colors. 

Presentation of the concept in the workshop of October 6th 1999



Event organised by CITER (
Centro per l'informazione tessile emilia romagna